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About Me

I am a Registered Nurse, and for many years worked as a Community Nurse, whilst promoting the benefits of integrative medicine – combining complementary therapies with modern medical/nursing practice.
Accredited in many modalities, I use Aromatherapy, Aura-Soma and Healing Touch in my practice, as well as expanding awareness of these invaluable tools within mainstream health care.
As an Aura-Soma Practitioner and Healing Touch Instructor I have many years experience working with groups, teaching professional health care workers, and people interested in a holistic approach to health, both in Australia and overseas.
I live in a forest retreat on the NSW Mid North Coast, Australia, and travel extensively - gently guiding others, using the gifts of colour, energy based practices and meditation for personal and planetary healing.

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Healing Touch is an energy-based approach to healing using the hands to balance and align the human energy field. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are touched through this therapeutic process, and each individual is empowered to participate fully in the healing journey.
I have discovered that good health is more than what we see in the physical body - it is impacted greatly by our thoughts and emotions.
My video 'Two Roads Meet' explains the benefits of a truly holistic approach to health, and demonstrates how Healing Touch can be complementary to mainstream health care.
To find your nearest Healing Touch practitioner, go to or come and join in one of my classes - click here for course dates.

Aura-Soma - the bottles are the heart of Aura–Soma. Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards wellbeing and self-awareness.
Your choice of Equilibrium bottles is a mirror of who you are at a deep level. You can discover so much about yourself because each bottle has its own special meaning and energy.
By selecting the bottles you can learn to understand yourself and recognise your life’s work and direction, empowering you to take responsibility for who you are and your own wholeness.

meditation CDs
  Meditation CDs- for many years I taught meditation and realised there was not much available for guidance when first learning the process – that is why I created “Into the Stillness” CD. It has been extremely popular for beginners to learn meditation or for those just learning to relax!
“Crystal Cave” CD has more advanced energy principles incorporated into meditation practice.

Shambhala Healing Tools - Have you seen the movie “Little Buddha?” It tells the story of a young American boy who was chosen as a child as the reincarnation of the Buddha, known in this life as “His Holiness Buddha Maitreya”. He began making meditation healing tools from a very early age in the way of the age old Tibetans, and continues to offer these tools worldwide to help bring healing and transformation to the world.
I discovered Shambhala Healing Tools in 2008 when visiting the US for a Healing Conference. I was shown the beautiful crystals with the magnets and wire wrappings in meditation prior to the trip, but was still in awe of the wonderful healing energies transmitted from the tools. I was drawn to a clear crystal with silver wire, which has been used HEAPS for myself, family and friends particularly helping with pain relief. It is so easy to use – my grandchildren ask for the weaver when they have scraped their knee or have an insect bite, and they love to see the swirling crystal as it weaves the pain away.
I LOVE the invocations and meditations from Buddha Maitreya, and that profits raised go to supporting charitable projects in Tibet, China, India and Nepal as well as in the West.
I now have a range of etheric weavers, pendants, earrings, solar crosses, mats, vajras and pyramids available for sale in Australia.