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Aura-Soma is an exciting colour care system.
Aura= ‘Light’ … Soma is an ancient Greek word for 'body'. In Aura-Soma we recognise everyone as a body of light. Through Aura-Soma you can use the dynamic, living energies of nature to help you in so many ways….
• Feel more relaxed
• Rediscover your enthusiasm for life
• Improve your relationships
• Feel more confident
• Bring more love and caring into our life
• Rebalance and revitalise your energy
• Access your inner self and your intuition.

Equilibrium BottlesPomandersQuintessencesArchangeloi Essences

Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles
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Equilibrium Bottles
The bottles are the heart of Aura–Soma. Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards wellbeing and self-awareness.
Your choice of Equilibrium bottles is a mirror of who you are at a deep level. You can discover so much about yourself because each bottle has itís own special meaning and energy. By selecting the bottles you can learn to understand yourself and recognise your lifeís work and direction, empowering you to take responsibility for who you are and your own wholeness.
Each bottle is dual coloured and contains the living energies of herbs, essential oils, crystals and gems. When you apply the contents of the bottle to your body, you will, in a safe and gentle way, restore balance on all levels ó physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - you are then in harmony with yourself and your world.
You have the potential to feel more joy, confidence, aliveness, creativity, energy and attract more loving and fulfilling relationships into your life. .
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Pomanders - the fragrance of colour
The Pomanders help you to remain vibrant in all circumstances. The 49 herbs provide a gentle protection for different environmental challenges. A fragrant delight, the white pomander has all 49 herbs in equal amounts, with the different coloured pomanders containing differing proportions of herbal extracts and essential oils.
Different coloured pomanders are used to treat a wide range of different situations. For example Deep Red works well for deep-seated energy imbalances such as recovering from a chronic illness. It also helps with fears relating to survival issues e.g. money, housing, health, etc.
Simply place three drops in the palm of your left hand, rub your hands together and pass your hands through the aura — front, back and sides.


Quintessences - inviting the light
Quintessences are the subtlest of all the Aura-Soma products. They are similar to the Pomanders in that they act directly on the fields surrounding the physical body, but whereas the primary purpose of the Pomanders is to protect the aura, the function of the Quintessences is to align ourselves with a particular project or for any situation that we recognise a specific quality of energy would be helpful.
Working with higher energies, the essences of the 49 herbs within the Quintessences help you with prayer and contemplation, taking you to a still place, connecting you with your source.
Place three drops on your left wrist, rub your wrists together and pass your hands through the aura.

Archangeloi Essences

Archangeloi Essences
Archangeloi essences are used to put through the energy field, inviting help from the archangels to connect with your soul's purpose and aligning with the mission of your soul group.


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