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Aura-Soma is an exciting colour care system.
Aura= ‘Light’ … Soma is an ancient Greek word for 'body'. In Aura-Soma we recognise everyone as a body of light. Through Aura-Soma you can use the dynamic, living energies of nature to help you in so many ways….
• Feel more relaxed
• Rediscover your enthusiasm for life
• Improve your relationships
• Feel more confident
• Bring more love and caring into our life
• Rebalance and revitalise your energy
• Access your inner self and your intuition.

Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles

Equilibrium Bottles are the heart of Aura–Soma.
Your choice of Equilibrium bottles is a mirror of who you are at a deep level. Each bottle has itís own special meaning and energy. By selecting the bottles you can learn to understand yourself better.

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