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All you need to attend a course or workshop is a willingness to be open to new ideas and concepts and a decision to nurture mind, body & spirit. Age or previous experience is no barrier. ANYONE CAN LEARN!


Susan Ashton is an internationally recognised Instructor for the first three levels of Australian Foundation for Healing Touch (AFHTI) courses.
Healing Touch workshops are open to any interested individual who wishes to develop an in-depth understanding and practice of healing work using energy-based principles.
Susan leads Healing Touch courses at venues across Australia. For dates and locations go to the Healing Touch online booking page, or the AFHTI Facebook page or for more detailed information see the Course Schedule on the Healing Touch website.



Find out more about Healing Touch or take the first steps towards becoming a Practitioner by enrolling in the Healing Touch Certificate Program.
Unit 1 Foundations of Healing Touch© is an introductory course which explores the concept of energy-based healing and the core values that underpin Healing Touch practice.
(click to open Unit 1 brochure)
Units 2-5 deepen students' understanding of Healing Touch techniques and how to apply them in a professional clinical setting.
Susan is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor for Levels 1, 2 & 3.

For the latest dates and course locations for all Healing Touch courses see the Course Schedule on the Australian Foundation for Healing Touch website.

For more information about other Healing Touch courses in Australia go to


- the Shambhala healing pyramid
- a wide variety of Etheric Weavers®
- etheric weaver pendants.
Join in a group meditation.
Contact Susan for details.

For more info contact Susan for details;
ph: 02 65856316 or email