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Healing Touch

What is Healing Touch?The Healing Touch Certificate ProgramWho Can Benefit?
How Does Healing Occur?Uses for Healing TouchHow do I learn?

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What is Healing Touch?
Healing Touch is an energy-based approach to healing using the hands to balance and align the human energy field. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are touched through this therapeutic process, and each individual is empowered to participate fully in the healing journey.
During a typical healing session you are asked to lie on a massage table (fully clothed) allowing the laying on of hands to create a deep state of relaxation. This allows the bodies energies to open and flow more readily, creating an environment for self healing.
To see for yourself and gain a deeper understanding of the different types of healing and how they work together, see my explanatory video "Two Roads Meet" on YouTube.

The Healing Touch Certificate Program
The Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc provides training within the curriculum set by Healing Beyond Borders. In Australia AFHTI offers all five units of the Healing Touch Certificate Program:
Unit 1 – Foundations of Healing Touch©
Unit 2 – Energetic Patterning and Clinical Applications©
Unit 3 – Advanced Healer Preparation©
Unit 4 – Case Management and Professional Practice©
Unit 5 – Self-Evaluation and Professional Development©
Unit 1 is an introductory course which explores the concepts and core values that underpin Healing Touch practice. Units 2-5 deepen students' understanding of Healing Touch techniques and how to apply them in a professional clinical setting.
Susan is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor for Levels 1, 2 & 3.

  Who Can Benefit?
Because Healing Touch influences the whole person on all levels, it is appropriate for everyone and can take place in any setting:
- Hospitals,
- Delivery Rooms,
- Hospices and Nursing Homes,
- Healing Centres,
- Accident Scenes,
- Schools,
- Private Homes.
(Animals both large and small also respond to Healing Touch.)

How Does Healing Occur?
All healing is basically self-healing. A physician sets two bone fragments in place, but the body ultimately heals the break: the physician having facilitated the process.
Healing Touch is a different, yet complimentary mode of assisting the healing process, as it functions from an energy perspective rather than simply a physical one.
The Healing Touch Practitioner realigns the energy flow, producing an improved state of balance.
This alignment re-activates the mind, body, spirit connection, assisting the body to clear emotional and mental patterns, placing the person in the best situation for self healing.
Healing Touch goal is to restore and maintain wholeness through harmony and balance. Healing is performed through the centred heart and the progressive development of the healer enables this process.

  Uses for Healing Touch
Anecdotal and research evidence supports the use of Healing Touch in the following areas:
* Relief of Pain    * Hypertension,   * Cancer,    * Diabetes,    * Arthritis
* HIV or AIDS    * Migraine/ Headaches    * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
* Acceleration of wound healing    * Increased Relaxation   
* Prevention of Illness    * Enhancement of Spiritual Development
* Assists Surgical Procedures: pre and post-op    * Support for the Dying and Grieving Process
* Addictions   * Stress Management

How do I learn?
Anyone can learn!
Susan Ashton is a certified Healing Touch practitioner and Instructor for Levels 1, 2 & 3 - click here to find out more about her workshops and courses. To find a Healing Touch practitioner or information about courses across Australia go to Back to Top